Vocabulary (on Quizlet)

a change in or addition to a document
the major parts of the Constitution
basic rights
the rights to life, liberty and property which everyone should have
Bill of Rights
the first ten amendments to the Constitution. It contains the basic rights which the federal government may not interfere with.
A group made up of the heads of the departments of the executive branch, They advise the President.
checks and balances
the sharing and balancing of power among different branches of government so no one branch can completely control the others.
common defense
Protection of the people from enemies.
common welfare
The good of the community as a whole.
The national legislature of the United States. Congress has two houses, the Senate and the House of Representatives.
domestic tranquility
peaceful situation within the country
House of Representatives
One of the houses of Congress. The number of representatives from each state is based on its population.
One of the houses of Congress. There are 2 senators from each state.
The Great Compromise
Plan accepted by the Philadelphia Convention that called for Congress to have two houses, the Senate and the House of Representatives.
Philadelphia Convention
The meeting held in Philadelphia in 1787 at which the U.S. Constitution was written.
The introduction to the Constitution which states the purpose of the Constitution